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About Brazilian Day Goteborg

Brazilian Day Goteborg is one of the main Brazilian Community Gathering in Sweden. An amazing day to enjoy with your family, kids and friends.
You will enjoy a rich day with many activities for everyone, foods and special musics from Brazilian Artists.

Brazilian Day Celebration

Goteborg Brazilian Day is organized by Josef Fike aka Master Tubarao from Brazil living almost 20 years in Sweden. My mission is create a Brazilian atmosphere for kids, Brazilian community and for all people living here.

Kids Activities

Come with your kids. There will be a lot of activities and games for kids. A moment to enjoy, play different games and make new friends. Come early and participate of the all acitivities, don't forget your water and fruits.


Capoeira is a Brazilian sport where struggle, dance, acrobatics, song and music are woven together. In addition to physical exercise, the cultural part is at least as important in capoeira. Read more in: Capoeira CVM

The Children Gathering

A place and a moment for children that come from all countries to join, play and make new friends. The event was planned for them first to provide a moment to feel happy. Be prepared for all long day of acitivities.

Traditional Brazilian Musics

Do you like Samba, Axe, Forró, MPB, Samba and Brazilian Eletronic Music? This is the right place to join us. You will enjoy a different tastes of Brazilian Musics with amazing artists that lives in Sweden.

Feijoada - Traditional Food

Brazilian feijoada is a dish that consists of a stew of black beans with various types of pork and beef. It is served with farofa, white rice, braised cabbage and sliced orange, among other side dishes. Typical of Brazilian cuisine.

Dance Activities

Do you like to Dance? If Yes, come on prepared to rock your body and enjoy different type of musics and activities.

Brazilian Food Market

Do you like some traditional products from Brazil? Pitanga Brasil provide a space to buy some products from Brazil.

Goteborgs Stad Support

Goteborgs Stad is our sponsor to support the event with some relaxing spaces, infrastructure and partnership.


Goteborg, Sweden

Jun 18, 2022

13:00 – 18:00

Join your Family & Friends

Arrive early

Brazilian Food & Snacks

Don’t miss it

Event activities

You can read more about all activities available along the day.
The schedule will be update, please visit again in few days before the event to check the time of each activity.
Download Activies Folder

- Ansiktsmålning för barn med Bostadsbolaget Balder
- DJ Solano (Tocando Brasilidades)
- Prova på verksamhet för barn, olika sporter (capoeira, kung-fu, fotboll, cross challenge)
- Kreativ hörna för barn
- Sammarbetspartners Bostadsbolagen Poseidon och Balder kommer vara på plats

- Welcome to the event
- Face paint for kids with Bostadsbolaget Balder
- DJ Solano Special (Brazilian bass mixing session)
- Try activities for kids, different sports (capoeira, kung-fu, football, cross-challenge)
- Creative corner for kids
- Partners Bostadsbolagen Poseidon and Balder will be on site

- Bem-vindo ao evento
- Pintura facial para crianças com Bostadsbolaget Balder
- DJ Solano Special (sessão de mixagem de baixo brasileiro)
- Experimente atividades para crianças, esportes diferentes (capoeira, kung-fu, futebol, desafio cruzado)
- Canto criativo para crianças
- Os parceiros Bostadsbolagen Poseidon e Balder estarão no local

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

- DJ Solano (Brasiliansk traditionell musik)
- Capoeira uppvisning: Capoeira CVM
- Överraskning

- DJ Solano (Traditional Brazilian music)
- Capoeira show: Capoeira CVM
- Surprise

- DJ Solano (Tocando Brasilidades)
- Capoeira show: Capoeira CVM
- Surpresa

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

- Samba uppvisning: Carnavalistas
- A different, energetic and colorful atmosphere that is guaranteed to capture interest and get the audience going
- Apresentação Samba do Brasil

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

Samba and Axe Music from Bahia Brazil

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

- Caramatu plays, sings and dances "Coco",
- Caramatu toca, canta e dança "Coco"

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

- Live samba music: Arnaldo, Lars and friends (samba and pagoda's best songs)
- Samba ao vivo: Arnaldo, Lars e amigos (as melhores músicas do samba e do pagode)

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

A special DJ mix session playing the best Brazilian Bass House musics from Brazilian DJ's and Producer's

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

Space area dedicate for kids to painting your body, face and arms

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

Many tastes of Brazilian Food to enjoy, commonly everything is over during the event, guarantee yours from the beginning

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

Games & Grupal Activities dedicated for integration betweek kids and parents

Location: Positivparken, Frolunda, Goteborg - Sweden

Who's Presenting?

Brazilian Day Artists and Partners

Josef Vike

Capoeira Master and Brazilian Day Founder

Capoeira Group

Capoeira Volta ao Mundo


Samba Carnavalistas

Brazilian Music

Brazilian Music

Brazilian Band

Forró Music

Santana da Bahia

Brazilian Music


Brazilian Bass - Brasilidades

Kelly D' Rio



Partners that provided support to realize this event

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